Vacuum Penis Pump Male Enhancement Enlargement

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1.Made of skin-friendly ABS material, high softness, firm and firm inside and outside, easy to clean
2.Apply physical therapy vacuum pump, safety and effective. Manual trigger with a pinch ball easily to hold and handle provides best suction power.
3.Works via Pinch ball to increase the pressure and easily control by yourself.
4.The pump uses air to increase the size of your, gives your restore confidence, self-esteem and enhance your relationships
5.Removable device, easy to clean and comfortable to carry.
Using steps:
1. Apply lubricant to the penis and install it on the soft rubber plug. (use in small chunks first, then in medium size, and finally in large chunks.)
2. Insert the penis into the vacuum pipe and use the manual ball valve to discharge the internal air. Step by step until the penis is full of congestion.
3. After the swelling disappears, open the vacuum pipe discharge air valve to complete the intensive training.
4. Remove the penis from the vacuum tube.
5. To further strengthen the penile exercise, repeat the above steps 1-3.
Be careful:
This product is for personal and couple use only. Please keep clean before and after use.
We recommend 10 to 20 minutes per treatment, one month per month. For your health, do not overuse this product.
Packing Include:
1*Penis Pump