Silicone Artificial Vagina Aircraft Cup two usages diverse experience

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Not only the most stylish but also the most unique!
Release your desire to enjoy your orgasm. Men’s weapon, you would get what you want when you use it.
A breathing masturbation cup. Through the sexual road, ventilated, enjoy the orgasm.
Deep throat suck, enjoy pleasure. Sucking pleasure, enjoy the oral sex. Each time thrusting just like tongue suck whole body, easy to orgasm.
Holing-through design, easy wash portable, reducing the complex cleaning process of the traditional masturbation cup.
Soft material, you need to respond to her frail. Soft material, texture is close to human skin, not easily deformed.
Close skin, streamline arc, non-slip design. Design Inspiration from the shape of the ball, easy to control the tail contraction, outside with non-slip design, easily catch.
Applicable user: signal man and couple
Material: ABS + silicone
Waterproof: detachable to wash
Size: 198 * 77mm
1* Aircraft Cup